Server Move Successful!

After a couple days of sitting at the computer and moving files around, I have now successfully moved Wanderer’s Apprentice, and all my other sites, to a new server.  For you, the reader, it should make no difference but hopefully things will be a bit faster and have fewer outages.  If anyone is having any problems, please let me know.

The move also gave me an opportunity to make a few upgrades and improvements to the blog.  Again, most are simply performance based, but one will hopefully make the blog a better viewing experience.  Now, if you click on any image in a post, it will load a larger version.  I hope you find this a valuable feature and it allows you to get a better look at my photographs.

If you have any problems or suggestions with the site in the coming days or weeks, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment here.  I think I have caught all the bugs, but I may have missed one or two.

Thanks for your help and look for new content starting Monday!

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  1. Drew – some great shots!

    Saw you’re upstate in NY. Looking to visit Montezuma (and then Ft. Drum) Memorial Day weekend… any recommendations?

  2. Thanks! I’ve only been in the area since August of last year and only been to Montezuma 4 times (including this past Saturday). It is a great place with tons of birds so you’ll have a great trip. By the time you get up here in May, I will have been back several more times and will be able to give you better advice. Get in touch in mid May and I’ll have some better advice for you!

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