Quick Update! Now in Maryland

I just wanted to put a quick update on the blog while I have a moment.  We spent a week in New York City while my wife excavated the ship found at the World Trade Center.  I was fortunate enough to get on site several days and create a series of spherical panoramas showing different stages of the excavation.  We have now moved down to Maryland, where we have been for about 10 days and have another 10 or so days left.  Here, we are documenting every single timber.  Without getting into the technical details, my photographs will be used to create 3D models of each piece so the ship can be reassembled virtually at a later date.  Carrie is carefully measuring and tracing each piece, creating 1:1 traces.

It is a fun and interesting process but requires meticulous precision and painstaking attention to detail.  We will be here through the end of next week and then its back to New York where Carrie will be starting class and I’ll be processing the photos, video, and time lapse sequences I have created over the last month.  I also will be able to get back to blogging regularly and get to all those things on my to do list that got pushed back for this project.

Check out the panos in the meantime and I’ll be in touch soon!

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  1. Drew, loved the spherical panos — very interesting.

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