Quick Update: D3 is Back!

After about two weeks without my main camera at Nikon’s service department, I just checked the repair status and it has been shipped and will be arriving today!  Glad to hear it is on its way and I am pleased about the turn around time.  I thought it would be much closer to a month rather than just two weeks.  I can’t comment on the repair as it isn’t here yet, but I’ll be sitting at the window waiting for that big brown UPS truck!

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  1. Fantastic photos. I look forward to seeing the new ones now that your camera is on the way back. Stunning. I tried to download the “Canopy in the Clouds” but it wouldn’t download beyond 83% I will keep trying.

  2. Kerry,

    Glad you are enjoying the blog. I just tried loading the Canopy in the Clouds panorama and got it to load just fine. Maybe try hitting reload or clearing your cache of your browser will help. Not sure why it isn’t working for you.

  3. Hi Drew,
    It was simply my incompetence I am sure – just went and checked it out. Very impressive! Great blog. I love taking photos even had the nerve to have an exhibition (with a large dose of imposter syndrome) here in the south of France but I am humbled by your photos. I haven’t even attempted to put any up on my blog but will do some time. Just concentrating on writing for now. I will be following your blog – thanks.

  4. Thanks for the phoebe suggestion for my “mystery bird.” I’d kind of suspected it, myself, but I’m more confident with your confirmation.
    Lovely blog you have here. Glad to have found it–so thanks for leaving your comment on mine! Keep on birding (& shooting non-lethally!)

  5. @ Kerry
    Glad you got it working. I’ll have to check out your writing.

    @ Lana
    Glad I can help. Hope you stick around!

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