Off to New York City!

It has been quiet around here all summer and I apologize that my brief hiatus turned into a much longer break.  However, I have had an extremely busy and productive summer with a lot to show, though not much new photography.  I’d like to take a quick moment to announce that this morning my wife and I are headed down to New York City for the next 10 days or so.  As you may know, my wife is an archaeologist ,and she will be working on excavating the ship that has recently been found at the site of the World Trade Center.  It’s an extremely exciting opportunity and it should make for a fun time in the city.

There is a chance that I will be able to get on site and create a series of panoramas of the ship and the excavation but we aren’t sure yet.  Details are still being worked out so I am just headed down prepared to either shoot or work from the hotel.  Whatever happens, We will be in the city for at least the next week or so.  I’ll post some more details about the project sometime this coming week once I know more myself.

If you are in the City and want to meet up for coffee or a drink, shoot me an email or leave a comment here.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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