In the News: 10/02/09

I am about to hop on a flight to Florida for a family wedding so I just have a couple quick updates of some newsworthy items.

Nature Appreciation Day hosted by the Nature Photographer’s Network – Sunday, October 4th, 2009 will be the first annual Nature Appreciation Day.   The basic idea is to get out and take some photos in the outdoors.  The theme is “What Nature Photography Means to Me – why we enjoy the pursuit of nature photography and how focusing on the beauty of nature through the camera’s viewfinder provides an escape from the stress of daily living.”  If you don’t know NPN, it is a great community of nature photographers that can be a great learning resource.  I’ll be on a plane flying back to New York most of the day but will try to get out and get some photos when I get home.  Read the full Press Release here.

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea – Tonight is the final night for the 6 part series filmed by Ken Burns focusing on our nation’s national parks.  This is a major multimedia release with the film, a cd, and a book all focused on this project.  I haven’t had a chance to watch the series myself but have recorded the first 5 episodes and will be watching it in the coming weeks.   I’ve heard great things so far.  If you have missed the series, they are available online at PBS.  Read more and see the full series here.

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  1. Beth Spencer says:

    Drew, I have enjoyed perusing all your pictures tonight! Steve and I took a trip out west a few weeks back and toured a couple of the parks and also had the opportunity to view the National Parks: American’s Best Idea. Learned so much about the birth of our parks system! Well worth the time to watch.

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