Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Australian Brush-Turkey (Alectura lathami) - Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia

Happy Thanksgiving!  Amazingly, I don’t have any photographs of Wild Turkeys so I figured I would throw in a shot of the rather crazy looking Australian Brush-Turkey.  These birds are very common along the eastern coast of Australia.  In many of the national park campgrounds, these birds have lost all fear and will tear through trash bags and nearly anything to find some food, sort of like the avian version of a raccoon.

I hope you are able to spend today with friends and family.  My wife and I will be spending the day with her family in central Pennsylvania.  It will be a quick trip but it should be a lot of fun and full of great food.

Have a great holiday and travel safely!

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  1. Drew, have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy first Thanksgiving, Drew and Carrie!

    Drew, we should set up a time to get in the woods where I will call turkeys and you can photograph.

  3. Thanks Earl and Brandon! You too!

    @Brandon – that would be perfect. I like the idea and we’ll have to give it a try sometime. Looking forward to seeing you in February.

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