Habitat Panoramas: Series Postponement

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Mixed Hardwood Forest in early winter

After only a few weeks of this series, I have chosen to put things on hold for a bit.  I made the decision based on a number of factors I’d like to take a few minutes to explore.  First, I believe that this series will be extremely valuable and become a great resource, but at this point, I don’t feel like I am doing the various habitats justice.  My original plan was to include photographs, text, and even audio to help better describe the habitat.  As I am new to this region, and new to many of these habitats, I don’t have the photographic library or even the natural history knowledge I would like to be able to really describe these habitats.  By postponing this series for a few months, I will be able to complete a lot of research as well as further expand my photograph library to be able to better accommodate this series.

Another reason I have decided to stop this series is all about timing.  I started the series in late fall, early winter and that makes tree and plant identification extremely difficult.  Not only am I struggling in the field, but you don’t get the full impact of the habitat in the panoramas when nearly everything is leafless.  Furthermore, while habitat is extremely important to wintering birds, it’s the breeding birds that are often even more specific about their habitat selection.  I believe that this is where the strength of the series lies and I know it will be better situated to begin in the Spring and Summer with supplementary posts in Fall and Winter, rather than starting in Winter.

So, this will be the last Interactive Habitat post for 2009.  I will start once again sometime in the near year.  I would like to start in February, when I return to New York after my time in Florida.  I will be shooting extensively in south Florida and will be doing a lot of panoramas so I can start covering those habitats until spring arrives here.  Thanks for understanding and I hope to return with an incredible series early next year.

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  1. I sure love these interactive panoramas. This one is beautiful and I certainly look forward to seeing more next year! 🙂

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