Featured Photo: Unnamed Waterfall

Unnamed Waterfall - Six Mile Creek, Roy Park Preserve, Dryden, NY

I’d like to start a new series of posts, the Featured Photo.  The basic idea is to feature a photograph, maybe it will be one of my best, maybe not.  The idea is to talk a little bit about the image and what was going through my mind when I took it, why I like it, or why it came up short.  Just a nice simple glimpse into the thinking behind a particular image.

I’ll start the series with an image I took this morning.  I photographed this small waterfall on Six Mile Creek on a local land trust preserve.  I spent an hour or two working this one scene and walked away having never quite capturing the image that I wanted.  The waterfall itself was rather wide, and the surrounding stream was a bit difficult to capture.  I really loved the crisscrossing and diagonal lines formed by the fallen conifers above the falls, but it was hard to take advantage of those strong lines without creating a lot of chaos.  Ideally, I would have been able to get a foot or two higher but that wasn’t possible.  Eventually, I settled on using a 105mm lens to slightly compress the image and create the above image.  It won’t win any awards, but I rather like it.

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