Common Moorhen in Flight

Common Moorhen (Fulica americana) in flight - Lake Jackson, Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Continuing with the theme of something new and totally different, at least for me, I am posting this Common Moorhen.  I rarely shoot anything like this, nearly an abstract.  While unusual for me, I sort of like the image.

I had spent almost an hour doing some audio recording at the edge of Lake Jackson in Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area and one of the main things I was recording was a flock of American Coots as they woke up, gathered into a flock, and then a few birds at time, flew across a section of open water.  I had wanted to capture this flight of birds with my camera as well but unfortunately, all the birds had crossed the gap by the time the sun came up.  Instead, I had a chance to photograph a Common Moorhen has it crossed the gap.

The light wasn’t what I had in mind, but I liked the graphic nature of the image.  The silhouette of the bird on nearly white water with the trailing feet and reflection caught my eye.  I increased the contrast significantly for the image and took the nearly white water to the extreme and this is the image that results.  What do you think?

Do I keep it?  Do I continue to shoot stuff like this?  Do I forget it and go back to the more traditional approach.  Let’s hear those opinions!

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  1. Drew, I like this one a lot. It is an abstract of sorts and a beautiful graceful capture of the moment.

  2. Thanks Earl! It is growing on me each time I look at it.

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