Big Cypress: Fog, Prairie, and Palms

Fog, Palms, and Prairie - Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

Fog, Palms, and Prairie - Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

As I am always attempting to make interesting images out of difficult situations, I had to try this the other night when a heavy fog rolled over the prairie just after sunset.  Before I explain what my goal for the image was, take a minute to study it.

Now, click to read on and see if my idea actually worked.

My goal was to isolate a single hammock, particularly a palm hammock for its graphic shape, among the fog. My hope was to draw the viewer in, force them to study the image, and discover the hammock themselves.  I imagine the viewer first saying “why the white image?” and then the discovery of the hammock becomes a surprise.  Did it work?

I’d love to hear about your experience, as a viewer, when you first saw the image.  Thanks for providing the feedback!

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  1. I barely see anything, myself. I’d have a chance if I had the option to view a larger image, I’m sure. Some of us don’t have the best eyes anymore.

  2. Thanks Lana. I was afraid of that. Hang in there, I’ll have a larger view possible coming later this month! Just have some coding to do and can’t do it while in the field with sporadic internet connections!

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