Big Cypress: Dusk, Cypress, and Grass

Bald Cypress Trunk - Kirby Storter Boardwalk, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

One of my favorite spots in all of Big Cypress National Preserve is the boardwalk at Kirby Storter.  It’s a beautiful cypress dome that always has something going on and typically a surprise for the careful and patient observer.  I’ve spent a couple evenings there since I have returned and seen deer feeding belly deep in the water, a turkey feeding in the canopy of a tree, a Swallow-tailed Kite fly over with a warbler in its talons, and so much more.

Bald Cypress Trunks - Kirby Storter Boardwalk, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

On my first night back in the Glades, I arrived just before sunset and headed into the dome, sans camera.  I hadn’t made it more than 50 yards down the trail, before I discovered this beautiful light on the trunks of the small bald cypress.  The light, the textures, and the somewhat monochrome scene caught my eye and forced me back to the car so I could retrieve the camera.  A few minutes of playing with a 24-70mm lens and these were the result, a pair of simple, yet elegant, images.  I can’t say I have a favorite, but am equally pleased with each.

Kirby Storter, despite being right on Highway 41, is a beautiful place that keeps drawing me back every single trip.  Check back in the coming days for more images from this beautiful cypress dome.

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