Back to the Glades

Guzmania bromeliads - Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Florida

After a couple weeks of office work and visiting family in Orlando, I am now headed back into the field for another couple weeks in the Everglades.  While most of my focus thus far has been on the eastern portion of Everglades National Park, I’ll be spending most of my time this trip working in the west, primarily in Big Cypress National Preserve and Fakahatchee State Preserve.

I’ll be working both from the roads as well as getting way off trail and doing some wading and exploring on foot.  I also have at least two canoe trips planned for the trip.  I am excited about the possibilities and am looking forward to exploring some areas that are still relatively unknown to me, particularly in Fakahatchee.

I should note that while I have now scheduled posts here on the blog through Monday, I’m not sure when I will next have Internet access and the ability to post.  I think I should be able to queue up another bunch of posts early next week, but I make no promises.  If the blog goes quiet for a few days, take a few minutes to read back through the archives and see what you have missed!

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  1. Wonderful image – looks like an amazing place to explore, have fun Drew!

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