Article Series: Prepping for The Big Trip

This week you’ll see a series of posts about preparing for a major photography trip.  Many of us dream of being able to dedicate a significant portion of time to photographing full time without having to worry about print orders, image requests, and other distractions that really take away from our love.  I will be leaving my office this weekend and won’t be returning until late February as I travel to see family over the holidays and then spend about 6 weeks photographing in South Florida.

I am really excited about the trip and have spent a large chunk of time planning it.  This planning is somewhat different than when I am prepare for a local shoot so I thought I would share my process.  Every day this week, I’ll post about what I do to prepare for a big trip concluding this Sunday with an essay about why we as photographers all dream of The Big Trip.  I hope you enjoy.

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