Archbold: Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

Florida Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) in the rain - Archbold Biological Station, Lake Placid, Florida

The theme for my time here at Archbold Biological Station so far is rain, and lots of it.  I arrived Monday about 8:00AM and it was sprinkling and it never really let up all day.  Today, Tuesday, was a little bit better and I had a productive morning and evening with more rain in the early afternoon.  Fortunately, I made the best use of that time and napped!

Despite the rain, today was extremely productive, as I created a new series of panoramas; in fact, I create 11 separate panoramas today.  I’ve processed quick drafts to make sure they work, but there is still a lot of processing to do for the final versions.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until late March when I get back to Orlando and have more processing power to see the results.  This laptop does just fine for most things but editing a 3GB file in Photoshop is just too much for it to do at a reasonable speed.

This afternoon, I filmed a great interview with head ornithologist here at the station, Reed Bowman.  We covered a lot of different topics from the scrub habitat to the Florida Scrub Jays that live here.  I’ll be putting this interview, along with the photos, video, audio, and panoramas I create here together when I return home, probably in April.  Stay tuned for that release.

In the meantime, tomorrow I am headed out to do some audio recording in the early morning and hopefully some video recording as well.  I’ve got a few more panoramas to create and then we’ll see where I’m at and figure out what to do for the next few days.  It should be a beautiful day, so I look forward to getting out there and making the most of the sunshine.

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  1. Drew- What a great website! Thanks for posting such great photos along with the natural history tidbits- it makes for great reading!

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