A Busted Morning

I headed out into the cold this morning to see what I could find at Myers Point.  My hope is that there would be a couple shorebirds hanging out that I could spend an hour or two photographing.  Unfortunately the only shorebird was a lonely Killdeer.  The point was covered in gulls, but I didn’t spend any time photographing them.  In hindsight, I probably should have given it a shot as I struck out everywhere else.

I moved on to Stewart Park to see what I could find there.  Not a whole lot of diversity there either.  Canada Geese by the hundreds feeding on the grass, a couple dozen Mallards in the water, two male Bufflehead that wouldn’t let me get anywhere near them, and some skittish Wood Ducks were about all I found.  I quickly scanned the Canada Geese seeing if a smaller Cackling Goose would jump out at me, but nothing did.  Again, I could have stayed and created some images of something, but decided I’d give another spot a try.

As I left this morning, I checked my email and read a report from yesterday from the Freese Road gardens.  Hundreds of sparrows had been reported and apparently were rather cooperative.  Unfortunately, at that point, I didn’t stop and research exactly where the gardens were.  However, I knew where the road was so how hard could it be to find a community garden?  Apparently it is tougher than I thought, because I never found them.  I should have followed my own scouting advice from last week!

I am now back home and have figured out exactly where the gardens are and am going to stop by this afternoon.  It is a beautiful day with a clear blue sky so maybe I can find some more cooperative sparrows this afternoon in beautiful evening light.  Check back soon!

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